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Silas Cordeiro - Brazil

Silas Cordeiro

Canadian thereminist Peter Pringle wrote about me on Levnet forum:

“Silas Cordeiro lives in the City of Vitória, Brazil, has attended a local music school, “FAMES”, (Faculdade de Música do Espirito Santo), and is a presence to be reckoned with in the Central and South American theremin scene. He is also a licensed music teacher. (…) He seems like a super guy, and he is seriously dedicated to the theremin.”

I’m no great thereminist or performance artist, neither do I have a long curriculum vitae. So I’m going to tell you everything I’ve done and been doing since I got to know this wonderful instrument.

I taught myself to play the theremin 3 years ago, after reading about it on the internet and watching Randy George’s videos. At that time I bought some instruments (Etherwave Kit, B3 PRO, Gakken Premium and others) and lots of theremin stuff (CDs, DVDs and books).

I’m running a blog about the theremin since 2008 – (in Portuguese) – as well as a twitter profile in order to make it more popular and interactive in a funny way: @ThereminDepre aka “the depressive thereminist” (in Portuguese, Spanish and English). That’s how I share information about the theremin online (its history, how it works, where to buy, etc.).

I was once mentioned in a front page story on entitled “World Thereminization: Brazil” ( I haven’t found so far any other Brazilian guy who is really committed to World Thereminization and acquainted with the theremin community.

I have made more than 100 theremin demonstrations in Brazil, all of them free to the public, voluntarily (no cash for me). I’m not yet a recording artist, but I’m so far the only Brazilian in the list of artists of web radio program Spellbound ( I have also commissioned several original theremin compositions from Brazilian composers (with the aid of public institutions), from small pieces to large-scale works. Some of them have already been premièred by me and other Brazilian thereminists.

I’m just 20 (too young, ain’t I?), and have an undergraduate degree in Music Education from Faculdade de Música do Espírito Santo (, that makes me a licensed music teacher. I’m a keyboardist and pianist, and have been working as arts/music teacher in public schools. I have been doing academic research about the theremin and have been encouraging academics to do the same throughout the country. I’ve been interviewed and quoted in Brazilian newspapers and academic papers as a theremin specialist, but I’ve been too shy to appear on TV.

Yours sincerely,
Silas Cordeiro.

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