Wilco Botermans

Wilco Botermans

.. 1995-2000: Studied Music technology @ Utrecht School Of Arts, where he specialised in electronic and computer music composition.
Loves mechanically played instruments (Listen to ’121312″).

Wilco plays the theremin since 1997 and lived in Moscow twice for 3 months to study classical theremin playing and interpretation with master thereminist Lydia Kavina in 1999 and 2001.
He started designing performance environments around 1998 using multiple theremins, analogue and digital equipment and computers, alongside homebuilt electronics and has been performing his works in several European countries, Russia and the USA.

Recent projects were creating an interactive environment where dancers would control the music through 5 theremins suspended from the ceiling (Generale Oost, Arnhem NL), and building a replica of the “Croix Sonore”, a French theremin-like instrument, for the Dutch Holland Festival 2006.

Currently he is performing as one of three composers for the “Je bent al bijna dood” project of the Vloeistof dance company. Check it out at www.vloeistof.nl

In 2008 he joined the Schreck Ensemble after the tragic death of founding member Arie van Schutterhoef, to perform on the Stratifier, a musical instrument / computer interface that was created by him, and unique in its kind.
The Schreck Ensemble views as its artistic mission the creation of music that expands and intensifies its audience’s aural experience. In this endeavour, the wealth and diversity of sound colour is the main inspirational force behind their concerts, music theatre performances and improvisations. Since the ensemble’s conception, the use of technological devices – electronic amplification of sound, computers and live electronics – has played a vital role

Wilco occasionally lectures about the theremin and gives workshops about performance, electronic music design and using the theremin as an alternative controller.

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Official website = http://www.wilcobotermans.nl

Also see http://www.theremin.nl/

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