Hands OFF! 2011 Surfing in for a Long Weekend

Hands OFF! 2011 Surfing in for a Long Weekend

Here is a brief outline of what will be happening from Theremin Thursday onwards..

Thursday 28th July:  Theremin Beer Launch at The North Riding Brew Pub.

Friday 29th July:  informal Gathering of the Theremins – Oliver’s Mount. Buffet, meet & mingle, panoramic views, Theremin Hellos, Press & media interviews & introductions. Public also welcome. Pendulum music for light Theremin – Art Sculpture

Saturday 30th July:  daytime = Theremin Symposium University of Hull Scarborough Campus, featuring History of the Theremin, what’s inside, demonstrations by Burns Theremins, Thomas Grillo, Thierry Frenkle, Gordon Charlton, Wilco Bortemans, Subscope, Source Distribution and Moog. Building an RCA Theremin and Hands on time with the Theremins
evening = Theremin Surf board Beach BBQ followed by a trip to Whitby as the sun begins to set.

Sunday 31st July: daytime = Theremin Symposium University of Hull Scarborough Campus , featuring a Master Class by Lydia Kavina, demonstrations of the different ways to play a theremin with Carolina Eyck, Barbara Buchholz, Thorwald Jorgensen. Styles of music and compositions. Group Workshops with the Experts and opportunities to collaborate with other musicians and record in the University Studios.
evening = Main Concert at Scarborough Spa, South Bay, Scarborough.

Monday 1st August: Morning: Theremin Goodbyes and last of the Press & Media interviews. estimated finish = 2pm.

Opportunities available for private tuition with Lydia Kavina, Barbara Buchholz, Carolina Eyck, Thomas Grillo, Thorwald Jorgensen etc.. Throughout the long weekend. £20 per half hour. book in advance to confirm your time slot in their busy schedule.

Theremin Modifications and Surgeries available with Wilco Botermans and Thierry Frenkle. book in advance to ensure a consultation and fix.

More detailed time table will be posted up shortly :)

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