Barbara Buchholz

Barbara Buchholz

Barbara Buchholz

As a composer and performer, Barbara Buchholz has worked for a wide range of theatres; as artistic director she conceived and produced “TAP IT DEEP” – a unique blend of midified tap dance and new jazz – as well as HUMAN INTERACTIVITY – a collaboration with the Russian computer painter Olga Kumeger, among others.

The goal is to free the theremin of its overloading of exotic associations, to strip it of nostalgic clichés, and to view it as an organic component among the available modern instruments.

Barbara Buchholz employs the theremin in a variety of styles in jazz, improvised music and contemporary music.

The jazz label INTUITION and the contemporary music label WERGO are publishing her cds.

Together with Lydia Kavina she founded „Touch! Don’t Touch!“ in 2005 as a production site for the theremin in contemporary music.

In the areas of jazz and improvised music she performs with a variety of ensembles, including a trio with the Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and the live electronics performer Jan Bang, the Austrian  Jazz Bigband Graz, the trio Electronic Moods with Michael Wollny, piano and Guy Sternberg, live-electronics.

In 2011 she received the award „Westfalenjazzpreis“ at the International Jazz Festival Münster.

She is in international demand as a workshop teacher.

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2004 Theremin: Russia with Love publ. by INTUITION

2006 Touch! Don’t Touch! publ. by WERGO

2008 Moonstruck publ. by INTUITION

Barbara Buchholz in collaboration with Jan Bang, Tilmann Dehnhard,

Ulrike Haage, Arve Henriksen, Alejandro Govea Zappino,

Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Jan Krause,

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

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